First elections

Once given the permit to found the Syndicate, the Founding Members informed the Department of Syndicates in the Ministry of Labour and the rest of the candidates 15 days prior to the due date of the First Elections.

After the Ministry’s approval, information regarding the First Elections was published in two local newspapers “Al Balad” and “Al Nahar”.

A delegate from the Department of Syndicates in the Ministry of Labour was present to monitor the elections.

The first elected council assigned the position of each member under the supervision of the eldest,

Mr. Philippe Salloum.

The Ministry of Labor issued on the 9th of December the resolution no. 1/216 that states the permission to found a syndicate entitled “The Syndicate of Dietitians.”

The authorization to found this syndicate was given to the following gentlemen: Christelle Emile Bachi, Suzanne Antoun Kabrite, Sabine Nazih Dagher and Philippe Najib Salloum.

Based on article no. 2 of this resolution, the General Assembly was asked to join the elections of the First Syndicate Committee under the supervision of theDepartment of Labour and Vocational Relationships in the Ministry of Labor.

Official Decree