1- To protect and promote the dietetics profession to a higher level as well as to defend its interests and work on its progression on the health, economic, industrial, and commercial aspect.

- Seeking to separate and define the tasks of professionals such as physicians, clinical psychologists, and dietitians highlighting the fact that interpersonal cooperation is a must to guarantee that optimal patient health is achieved.

- Coordinating with other particular syndicates and orders such as the order of physicians and nurses to ensure proper exchange of point of views, opinions, and information that serve the general health and that have a positive influence on the well-being of people and the environment is taking place.

- Protecting the dietetics profession from false nutritional information and claims from un-credible sources.

- Seeking to discontinue practicing the dietetics profession without the legal permit or infringing the profession’s laws or code of ethics.

2 - To protect the interests of the Syndicate’s members and defend their rights and improve their status along with their social, health, educational, financial, and work conditions in accordance with the laws and regulations. 

- Providing health facilities like Social Security or personal medical insurance.

- Securing end of service by creating a pension fund for the elderly.

- Presenting annual conferences and following up the latest updates and developments in the dietetics profession.

3 - To create cooperative, social, and sports events in accordance with the regulations:

- Organizing annual meetings to all the members of the Syndicate in order to strengthen the friendships and exchange various experiences.

- Organizing national activities to highlight the importance of the role of dietitians in the treatment and prevention of diseases through maintaining a proper diet.

- Educating future generations about the important role of a dietitian in society.

4 - To strengthen the cooperation and communication between the employer and the employee as well as the bonds of mutual understanding and attempting to resolve any serious dispute that may arise through the negotiations provided for in the laws governing the procedure:

- Setting a fixed wage for all dietitians.

- Ensuring that the presence of a dietitian in the following places is highly recommended: Hospitals, hotels, restaurants, orphanages, health clubs, schools, nursing homes, centers for disease control, and industries as quality control inspectors...

5- To provide professional and financial assistance to all members within the available resources:

- Ensuring a nominal amount allowance for dietetic trainees in hospitals.

- Informing all members about new job opportunities.

- Providing specialized equipment and tools for reasonable prices.

- Creating employment opportunities for all dietitians within the profession.

Mission of the Syndicate