How to Join

The request for affiliation can be submitted to all branches of Bank Audi provided the following documents are attached: 

1)    A copy of the identity card.

2)    A judicial record dating back not more than 3 months.

3)    2 certified photo passports

4)    A copy of the license to practice (certified by the Ministry of Health)

250$ which include registration fee & first year fees (then 200$ yearly fees)

6) Download & Fill this document with your personal information

7)    Regarding holders of Degrees issued outside Lebanon:

- A copy of the passport and the leave to settle abroad
- A copy of the degree and transcript of grades and years of study abroad approved by the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Lebanon in the country of origin, as well as the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lebanon in Beirut.

Membership Conditions

Every dietitian practicing in the field has the right to join the Syndicate of Dietitians-Lebanon provided that his/her profile meets the following criteria:

1-    Must be of Lebanese Nationality

2-    Must be entitled to his/her civil rights

3-    Must have the license to practice, issued by the Ministry of Health in Lebanon

4-    Must have completed eighteen years of age

5-    Must not be convicted of a crime or felony

Foreign Affiliation Criteria

All foreigners have the right to join the Syndicate provided they meet the conditions listed above and they have:

1-   a legal work permit and a valid residency card

2-   the license to practice, issued by the Ministry of Health in Lebanon

The Importance of Membership

Defending the rights and interests of dietitians.

- Providing health, social, educational, and economic services to each member individually.

- Informing members about latest updates concerning the nutrition field

- Ensuring that interpersonal communication is achieved amongst all members to exchange various visions and experiences.