22 january, 2015 - Interested to sell a BIA machine?

Kindly contact us on the following:


10 June, 2012 - Kif Sohtak?

You are invited to attend the second nutrition and health event, Kif Sohtak?, organized by the Syndicate of Dietitians-Lebanon and Dr. Wadih El Hage Foundation.

2 June, 2012 - Job Ref023

A well-known food safety company in Beirut is in need of a licensed dietitian Salary: $ 1000 

20 December, 2014 - Advertize your clinic for FREE !!!

Send us an Arabic awareness article (public friendly) with your FULL contact (Name, Clinic, address, etc) to info@lebanesedietitians.org
For more info, kindly call 03/634162 from Monday - Friday between 8am & 5pm

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Welcome to your Syndicate


In the name of the Executive Board and mine, I congratulate you all on the founding of The Syndicate of Dietitians-Lebanon.

We have created this website to reflect the ethics and values of the dietetic profession, to meet  the hopes and expectations of all dietitians, and to facilitate the point of view exchange amongst each other.

However, more work needs to be done and we welcome you to join us hand in hand in this journey of career development, for in unity and perseverance lies the power to achieve all our rightful demands.

The website of the Syndicate serves all of the above and we rest assured that you will look upon it whenever faced by thousands of unanswered questions.

My colleagues, I kindly ask you to fully support the Syndicate and to wish us good luck in leading it responsibly through these important times in our profession.

Best Regards,

Christelle Bachi Gedeon
President of The Syndicate of Dietitians - Lebanon

Syndicate of Dietitians in Lebanon